Taste of homemade delicacy: salami, ham, cheese, vegetables
1 person2.300,-
2 persons3.600,-
Smoked homemade ham with olives1.600,-
Steak Tatar (100g)2.800,-
Hortobágyi pancake- meat stuffed pancake in creamy paprika sauce650,-


Consommé with Vermicelli550,-
Consommé with homemade liver dumplings850,-
Fisherman's Carp Soup big portion / small portion1.900,-/1.200,-
Goulash Soup as Made by my Grandma1.400,-/1.100,-
Deer Broth with Tarragon & Bolete Wild Mushrooms1.400,-/1.100,-


Fresh mixed salad with roasted chicken breast strip1.900,-
Grilled goat cheese with salad2.900,-


Camembert fried in walnut-bread crumbs with rice and cranberry jam2.400,-
„Potato pancake” with sour crème and cheese900,-

For children

Chicken breast in breadcrumbs with french fries1.100,-
Fried cheese with rice990,-

Fresh Tapolca Trout

Fresh Tapolca trout fried * 2.450,-
Fresh Tapolca trout grilled with almonds * 2.550,-
Fresh Tapolca trout grilled with sauce boletus * 2.950,-
Fresh Tapolca trout fried in pumpkin seeds breadcrumbs *2.850,-


Giant pike-perch fried in breadcrumbs *2.400,-

Roasted fillet of giant pike-perch with spice butter *2.400,-
Pike-perch roasted in whole with parsley potatoes85,-/dkg 1 kg ára: 8.500,-

Our offer from the kitchen grill

Mexican pork cutlet with pineapple salsa and potatoes in their jackets and grilled corn
Pork cutlets flavored with rosemary und pepper grilled with potatoes in their jackets and fresh salad with yogurt dressing2.600,-

Grilled chicken breast Provence style with potatoes grilled in their jackets and fresh salad with yogurt dressing2.500,-

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast with roasted almond and salad2.400,-
Fried chicken breast filled with ham and cheese * 1.900,-

Pork dishes

Grilled pork-chop with salad and hungarian potato pancake (tócsi)2.800,-
Pork cutlet fried in breadcrumbs * 1.690,-
Roast pork cutlet with garlic served with sautéed onion rings and potatoes2.600,-

Beef dishes

Beef stewed in red wine with cottage cheese noodles

Pan-fried sirloin with fried onions (250 g) *3.800,-
Beefsteak with green pepper sauce 250 g * 5.900,-

Goose-duck dishes

Roasted goose liver with stewed apple flavored with cinnamon and mashed potatoes4.800,-
Roasted goose liver slices with fried onion * 4.300,-
Crispy goose thigh with stewed cabbage flavored with prune and mashed potatoes3.300,-

Platter for 2 person

Mixed barbecue platter: chicken breast Provence, pork cutlet flavored with rosemary & pepper grilled, mexican cutlet, potatoes in their jackets and fresh salad with yogurt dressing6.900,-
Mill-pound platter: goose leg, grilled chicken breast with ragout, fried port-chop in breadcrumbs, rice and fries6.900,-

Mixed fish platter: fried fillet of pike-perch, roasted catfish, trout in whole7.500,-


Tomato salad500,-
Homemade cucumber salad500,-
Small mixed salad550,-
Pickled paprika300,-
Cabbage salad400,-
Pickled gherkins300,-


French fries400,-
Roast potatoes450,-
Jacket potatoes450,-
Potato croquettes500,-
Steamed vegetables600,-
Stewed cabbage350,-
Grilled vegetables600,-
Grilled corn500,-
Mashed potato550,-
Potatoes with parsley400,-
Steamed rice300,-
Small gnocchi300,-


French chocolate mousse1.100,-
Pancakes with home made apricot jam500,-
Pancakes filled with rum & nuts served with chocolate dressing950,-
Pancakes filled with cottage cheese & raisin served with vanilla dressing750,-
Pancakes filled with poppy seeds served with rum & sour-cherry dressing950,-
Sponge cake Somló style (rum & raisins, walnuts, vanilla cream and chocolate dressing)850,-

Dear Guests the dishes with * sign are without garnish!